Change SO2 Fundamentals HESI

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If you took Fundamentals HESI this semester, or have in the past (it doesn’t even matter whether you passed or failed), you probably know how frustratingly stressful it is. I’m sure we all had that feeling on question #55, our hand shaking, and praying for our life that the score was above an 850. The preparation for the test is already stressful enough; to add the pressure of possibly needing to spend extra time and money for the remediation and retake is enough to push students over the edge. On top of that, you can’t forget about the nagging from your parents or the fact that capstone placement is partially dependent on HESI scores.

In light of the situation, we don’t think it’s possible to eliminate its existence or the SO2 Progression Policy. We do understand that it is put into place with good intentions, to help acclimate us to NCLEX style questions. However, what we’d like to see is more transparency from SONHP about what the HESI entails and changes in the way it is scheduled. More specifically:

1. More information about what HESI is, what to expect, test dates, and remediation BEFORE Sophomore 2. Preferably even as early as Freshman 2.*

2. Scattered test dates throughout the latter half of the semester and/or finals week, so that it isn’t required for students to stay over the summer.**

3. Allow students to take the HESI twice before remediation is mandatory. Also, if possible making this free to students.***

*I know personally, that I didn’t receive any information on it until I entered SO2. By this point, I already had two trips scheduled that would conflict with both remediation and re-take of the exam should I fail the first time.

**The current system forces students to not only have to pay extra money for remediation and re-take, but scramble to find housing in SF for that period of time and possibly cancel any flights home and re-book (if not living in the Bay Area)

***Allowing only one chance destroys student’s mental health and makes it feel like the test is testing our nerves, not our knowledge. Sometimes it just takes one time, getting the feel for the questions, and knowing what to expect for students to excel.

If you agree with any of these points and would like to see something done about it, please sign this petition!