USE 62 RUSSEL ROAD (Glencourt/old Aberdeen”’s building) FOR A SHELTER

USE 62 RUSSEL ROAD (Glencourt/old Aberdeen”’s building) FOR A SHELTER

September 9, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Terri Stander

Every night hundreds of people sleep on the streets of our Metro.

Reportedly: 90% of these people choose to live on the streets, and the majority are addicted to drugs and are perpetrators and/or victims of crime.

Refuse bags are ripped open, public spaces are overrun with illegal settlements and are used as toilets.

While there are many organisations that offer short term solutions like handouts, we need a solution that can:

a. Provide emergency assistance

b. Assist with reunification and rehabilitation

c. Empower people to facilitate their re-introduction into society

We need an organisation that has a proven track record of achieving precisely this.  What they need to get the ball rolling: is a building. Social Development, the Metro, business, and you and me can contribute to this project.

If we get the truly destitute off the streets; law enforcement can more easily identify the criminals hiding among, and preying on the homeless.

The MBDA owns 62 Russell Road, also know as the Glencourt or “Old Aberdeen”s Building”.

The MBDA is an implementing agent for the Metro; therefore the building belongs to all those in the Metro.

Support this petition to help convince the MBDA to assign this building to a service provider for the purpose of getting people off the streets.

#ASafeWard5 #ACleanWard5

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Signatures: 313Next Goal: 500
Support now