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Prosecute as traitors all congressmen who pledged to orchestrate a government shutdown

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There is sufficient evidence that many in Congress took office with a governmental shutdown as their intended goal, and I believe that goal violates the terms of their oath of office. It is one thing to stand for your values, but when your stated goal is to disable the government from within, then you are a saboteur and should be treated as such. 

Until the shutdown actually took place, it might have been said that the threats were 'just threats' and dismissed as easily as those other shocking remarks by that politician in Kansas who last year circulated an email expressing a prayer for the death of our president and his family. 

Now that the shutdown has occurred, and members of Congress have openly stated that the shutdown is what they wanted and they are happy it has come to pass, now is the time to nail them for their treachery! They have demonstrated their absolute will, and they have not even the sense to feign a more honorable intent.

Which is not to say that anyone would believe they had loftier intentions after they wasted millions in taxpayer dollars pretending to "Vote to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act" (PPACA) MORE THAN FORTY TIMES. I believe the popular definition of insanity is repeating the same flawed procedure and expecting a different outcome, but forty times? That's not insanity, that's stalling, with the ultimate goal of accomplishing nothing and running out the clock until they could shut down the government, which they have now performed.

What's next? That's difficult to say, but with several states having recently demanded the right to secede from the union over their discomfort with the elected president, it isn't difficult to imagine that such states stand to benefit by weakening the Federal Government before taking still more serious action. 

It would be suicidal to grant them either the time or the opportunity to advance their destructive agenda. They have demonstrated sufficiently that they do not honor The Constitution, not even so far as their Constitutionally worded obligation to The US Postal Service. They aren't playing by the previously agreed upon rules. The time for sober negotiation has passed. They deserve to be sidelined permanently!

We can pretend to accept their pretense that this is standard operating procedure, but everyone familiar with the standard operation of government knows that this sort of extortion, this type of treacherous move to bankrupt the government and crash the bus, THIS is not normal, regardless of whatever law one party objects to. This certainly is not honorable. This is treason, and it is time that those who conspired to make it happen be held accountable.

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