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USDA: No More Lion Burgers! Ban the Sale of Lion Meat

It's unbelievable that restaurants in the US are allowed to serve lion meat. It's almost impossible to find out where the meat comes from -- it could be imported, from animals in zoos or circuses, or from lions raised on farms in the Midwest -- the people who kill lions and sell them as meat aren't exactly forthcoming ... and they don't have to be because lion meat isn't really regulated by the government.

That's not only bad news for the animals, who could be raised and slaughtered in inhumane conditions, but also for people. The diets and drug use in lions aren't regulated for human consumption, which means lion meat could be dangerous to eat.

Over the summer, I started a petition when I heard about a restaurant in Kansas that was planning a dinner event with meat from lions and other exotic animals. That restaurant listened to us and took lion off the menu, but since then, I've heard of other restaurants in other parts of the country serving lion burgers. This shouldn't be legal.

Right now, the US Fish and Wildlife Department is considering adding lions to the endangered species list. These amazing animals are already considered endangered by several other countries. I've done volunteer work with African lions and recently visited a sanctuary for big cats in the U.S. These majestic animals deserve better than to wind up on someone's plate. They should be protected, not cooked and eaten!

Please join me in asking the USDA to ban the sale of lion meat.

This petition was delivered to:
  • USDA Acting Program Manager for the Office of Program Evaluation, Enforcement and Review
    Olga Morales
  • USDA Under Secretary for Food Safety
    Dr. Elisabeth A. Hagen
  • USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety
    Brian Ronholm
  • USDA Administrator
    Alfred V. Almanza
  • Deputy Administrator
    Philip Derfler
  • USDA Assistant Administrator, Office of Public Affairs and Consumer Education
    Carol Blake
  • USDA Secretary of Agriculture
    Tom Vilsack (USDA Secretary of Agriculture)

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