Who's killing Arizona's Heber wild horses ???

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I want to fight to keep the Heber wild horse herd wild, free, wild free-roaming horses and protect burros from capture, branding, harassment or death.  These horses are a state and national treasure.

Wild horses and burros, like any wildlife species, have an impact on the environment, but due to their natural behavior, their impact is minimal.  In fact, wild horses and burros play a beneficial ecological role, for example, by dispersing seeds through elimination, thereby helping to reseed the landscape.

Wild horses were shot dead near Heber, bringing a total of over two dozen horses killed over the last two years.  Most died of shot wounds and another 8 horses were found too decomposed to determine cause of death.  Wild Free-Roaming horses and Burro Act of 1971 is the law  to help manage wild horse herds in an ecological balance.  Killing a federally protected wild horse or burro is a federal offense subject to a fine of up to $2,000 and or up to one year in prison.