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USDA, FDA, ALL MEAT-FISH producers: Provide full accurate transparent consumer animal-fish meat labelling

We are what we cultivate. We are what we consume. We are how we accomplish these life essentials.  We the Consumer, deserve the right to know what the full truth of animal meat (of what each individual is purchasing) prior to each purchase. Transparent labelling will help expose what each consumed animal is fed, how it is raised. This might just change the way we choose, the way animals are raised, and the direction of our healthcare (directly related to what we consume) - ALL IN A GENUINE REASONABLE GOOD WAY

The more natural, the more healthy. There is a better way to produce more healthy animals humanely, for their sake and for ours.

The meat and dairy industry is trying to legislate laws that will define the documentation of animal abuse on farms as a crime!!!!!

Apparently the undercover video testimonials by animal rights activists on farms have finally started affecting the public, causing a decrease in profits for the meat and dairy industry, otherwise I can't explain their attempt to legislate laws that will define those who expose animal abuse as "terrorists". 

According to The New York Times a dozen or so state legislatures "proposed or enacted bills that would make it illegal to covertly videotape livestock farms". They add that "One of the group’s model bills, “The Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act,” prohibits filming or taking pictures on livestock farms to “defame the facility or its owner.” Violators would be placed on a “terrorist registry.”

In other words, instead of prosecuting the criminals, they are trying to promote acts that would allow to prosecute those who expose the criminals!!!


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We the people, the consumers of meat at any U.S. market, deserve the full accurate transparent consumer animal-fish meat labelling - showing the age of animal - fish and what and how each was raised and fed and packaged. Each consumer deserves the right to make their best fully educated decision of what they are exactly purchasing and how that sustenance will directly affect their own health. This will directly affect the methods of how COWS, HORSES, PIGS, CHICKENS, TURKEYS and FARMED FISH are produced and HUMANELY CARED FOR.

The most civilized nation on EARTH must lead the WAY to TRANSPARENT EDUCATED HEALTHY LIVING STANDARDS.