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Demand Life for Veal Calves

The typical life for a veal calf includes immediate separation from its mother, restraints in an isolated crate, and slaughter anywhere from days to weeks. These living, breathing, infant beings are not given the chance to live!

Practices like this have been banned for over 20 years in the UK, as well as in the entire European Union by 2007 (which includes France and Italy where veal is included in many culinary dishes). Crates are slowly being phased out in a few US states, but the few don't out-weigh the many states still allowing this practice.

Let's take progress a step further and demand Free-Raised Veal in all American states!

Free-Raising Veal ensures the following for calves:

> A natural life in a pasture
> Unlimited access to its mother's milk
> No hormone or antibiotic use
> A longer life (~35 weeks) 

It not only gives each calf a quality life with its mother, it is healthier for consumers.

Strauss Brands Inc. has already committed to ensuring humane veal practices. It's time other companies do the same!

Let's see that Free-Raising veal calves becomes the only practice in the veal industry!

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