Petition Closed

Evanjelina's Pitbull rescue and Adoptions is nothing more than a front for a greedy backyard breeder to acquire animals at no charge, and then breed them and contribute to the over population problem. She trades her puppies for items such as laptops, Ipads and other electronics. She advertizes her animals on Craigslist as for SALE. Keeps her animals on CHAINS and claims she doesnt know how they get pregnant. This is NOT a rescue operation. Please sign and SHUT HER DOWN. The REAL RESCUES are fighting to give shelter dogs homes. SHE is CONTRIBUTING to it EVERY DAY. She is also in VIOLATION of USDA rules and regulations by releasing her puppies before they are 8 weeks old. Help me help THEM, the thousands of homeless pits needing shelter space, by not clogging them with HER puppies.

Letter to
USDA and the McAllen Animal Control
Shut DOWN Evanjelina's Pitbull Rescue & Adoptions. She is abusing the status as a Non Profit Rescue operation by contributing to the over population of Pit Bulls in this country. She is in direct violation, in her own words, of the USDA regulations that puppies be 8 weeks old before they are released. She is not spaying or neutering her animals, advertizes the sale of these dogs on CraigsList and accepts trades for her puppies. She keeps her dogs on chains, but somehow they are always pregnant. Please start an investigation into her backyard breeding practices and SHUT HER DOWN.