USD 489, Get Hays High a better risk management team!

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USD 489 has run into multiple sensitive incidents in the past year or two that were handled extremely inappropriately and put their students in mentally harmful situations. 

Earlier this year, Hays High (within USD489) was challenged with a school shooting threat. While there may have been no immediate danger, the school and district allowed the news to circulate as a rumor for a full week before any official statement was made. Parents, nor students, were ever informed of the threat. Due to the news circulating as a rumor for a full week, it reached across the state in different variations of an exaggerated story. It became a full blown wildfire that could've been smothered as a spark if addressed earlier. It made students fear for their safety in the wake of Stoneman Douglas when they should've been reassured instead. 

Then... today came. May 3rd, 2018 it was announced to the high school in the middle of first period OVER INTERCOM that a classmate had "successfully" committed suicide the prior night. This is an extremely sensitive topic that was not handled properly at all. Any first-year psychology student knows that communities are at the highest risk for suicide directly after a person within the community commits. An assembly should've been called, and they should have worded it better than "successful suicide". 

This was a friend and a sister within the school. Best friends and strangers found out at the exact same time through a morning overhead announcement. Devastating news without any face-to-face interaction. 

Our students are young and malleable. They absorb like sponges. Why are we not taking better caution with their psyches? 

I ask you to work with me and demand that USD489 puts together a better team to deal with the announcements of sensitive material for the sake of our children. 

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