USD 230 - Spring Hill School District Gating Criteria

USD 230 - Spring Hill School District Gating Criteria

December 4, 2020
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USD 230 Board of Education
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Started by Spring Hill Parents for Remote Learning

1/15/2021 Update:

The Board of Education (BOE) has decided to take the gating criteria to a vote on the 1/25/2021 BOE meeting.  At that time they will decide to either keep it, or do away with it.

If they do away with it, they stated they do not know what they will do with Online Remote Learning (ORL). Currently enrollment for ORL is closed.  They will have to decide if they want to reopen it or not. 

We can't take this risk.  We need to stay the course.  The gating criteria putting secondary in remote is not an indication that it has failed, but instead that it is working in the way it was designed to!

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Explanation from November:

The USD 230 Board of Education (BOE) has stated they will be looking at changing the gating criteria at their next meeting, Monday, December 7.  This will be the third time in one semester that our teachers, parents, and students have seen a change in what decides the learning mode. 

As many of you know, the BOE first adopted the JCHDE gating criteria. Not long after, the numbers required remote learning for middle and secondary schools.  The BOE wanted more data points than the JCHDE so they created their own and that creation allowed all students to be back in school. 

Now that the numbers have exceeded the gating required for in person learning doesn’t mean the gating should change. 

Teachers have expressed frustrations with teaching kids both remote and in person at the same time, all while ensuring safe mitigation practices. 

Parents have expressed frustrations with inconsistency in gating criteria and what is considered “safe” numbers for gating criteria. 

Students need consistently in their education. 

Please sign this petition asking the USD 230 Board of Education to stop changing the gating criteria each time it indicates we should be in remote learning and to keep a consistent gating criteria. 



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Signatures: 606Next Goal: 1,000
Support now

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