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Will You Help a Father Get Back to His Family?

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I tremendously need your help. My older sister, a U.S. citizen, is married, has a daughter, and is currently pregnant. The catch? USCIS will not grant my sister's husband any paperwork to enter the U.S. They won't even open his case. It's been nine years since my sister's father-in-law has been trying to get him his visa, passport, etc. It's been about three years since my sister has been trying. Every time my sister tries to even get any help, they say they are going through background check and tell her to wait a certain amount of days. She tries again after those amount of days, but the same reply. Please remind yourself that this is the same scenario after nine years. Also, keep in mind that we are a Muslim family from Yemen. Racial stereotyping has been a huge problem and still is a growing problem in America. Even my sister's lawyer said that a huge reason for them basically ignoring her is because of her religion and ethnicity. The USCIS even told my sister to stop trying because they said they will not proceed until background check is done. Do I need to remind you all how long they have said that? People who are fortunately not racially stereotyped like us, get in way faster than our kind of people. What happened to America being a free country? My sister is distraught with going back and forth from Yemen to America (because Yemen is not a safe place to live in right now. People are getting killed on a daily). Also, what do you do when your three year old daughter is constantly wondering why she isn't able to see her father's face everyday? He didn't even get to see her birth. Who knows if he'll be able to see his second child's birth? My sister's daughter has attachment issues now because of that. In the beginning, it was worse. She'd freak out if her mother even walked out of the room. The government does not care. But I'm hoping you'll care. Just by signing this petition or even spreading the word, anything is better than the things my sister has dealt with. If you have a heart, please spread this all over social media. Please sign this petition. We need the USCIS to see this. My sister and her family are innocent and simply want to enter the country that is so praised upon. Please help a father get back to his family. Please help a wife so she no longer has to worry about what will happen next. Please help a daughter have the opportunity to actually have to see her father without having to deal with a drastic time zone difference. Please help a sister who is so tired of seeing her sister cry. Please make this viral. You don't know powerful the Internet can be.

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