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Grant a US visa for my husband

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My husband and I first met online in 2001 through a mutual organization. For the next four years we shared our lives and fell in love. Finally in 2005 I went to India to meet him and his family. Over the next six months, we built a church (building) in a remote village and started a young men’s bible study group. We also got married.
In 2006 when I returned back to my husband’s village, we had our marriage legally certified. We also began working with a small orphanage, supplying food, clothes and books. When my Indian visa expired, I returned to U.S. and filed for a spousal visa for my husband.
After 14 months, sending the same documents 3 and 4 times, and my husband going through two interrogations (interviews) he was denied the visa. Not only was his visa denied, but they stamped our application as “Fraudulent.”
The main reason stated for this was our age difference. You see there is 27 years difference in our ages. They didn’t believe that our marriage was valid.
Because of this denial, I left the U.S. and joined my husband in India to live. I left my two adult children and five grandchildren. We have now been married seven years. Over the years we have made many attempts to have our case re-opened. We have endured death threats from his family and lived mostly in isolation until, after several years, we relocated to Nepal.
With the help of U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, we were able to have our file reopened for review. The USCIS sent us a letter giving us 30 days to respond. Unfortunately, by the time the letter arrived, there was only ten days left.
We tried contacting them by phone, but were met with being hung up on every time. We went to the U.S. Embassy in Nepal with our documents, and requested evidence, only to be told that they could not help us. Our file was closed again.
In all these years, I have never once been interviewed or allowed to speak on behalf of myself and my husband. We have lived our time as “refugees” working hard to help the leprosy affected and disabled, both here in Nepal and in India.
But now there is an urgency. My 84 year old father is suffering from prostate cancer. The cancer has spread to his bones and he is in pain. His dying wish is for me and my husband to be by his side in his last days. We want to grant him his wish.
The USCIS will not recognize our marriage and because they have stamped our file “Fraudulent” we cannot re-apply.
Please sign our petition to grant my husband the visa that is legally his! He has proven his love and devotion to me and his compassion for others in the work that we have done together over the years.

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