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Stop the deportation of Sadiq Ebrahim

First, there is a war going on in Bahrain! If Sadiq is sent back amid the fighting between the government and the people, he will likley become a target simply for having being gone for so long. This is an Arabic country, and when you are jailed, you may never be seen again! He would be going straight from ICE custody here to there... probably to jail.
Second, Sadiq is a loving husband and father! Sadiq has three children (and one on the way) here in the USA... it is just wrong to rip a family apart like this. Where are the children's rights in deportation???
Last, but also very important, Sadiq is not a criminal!!! He is being deported because of paperwork! Yes, it should have been done on time, but it was not. This is not a good reason to deport any man and tear his family apart!

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