Create Prayer Rooms in American High Schools

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Separation of the church and the state is one of the most important tenets of the American constitution.  Government should not establish a state religion, which includes keeping prayer out of places like courthouses and schools. So asking for prayer rooms may seem like it's flying in the face of this tenet. However, students still have rights to practise their religious preferences privately.

American public high schools are huge, hectic places. For some students, seeking a place to pray is difficult and oftentimes humiliating. They are relegated to closets or even outside. Creating a space for students to pray, meditate or even decompress from a difficult situation is just one small step in creating more peaceful environments for students.

The prayer room does not need to be big; it should be a clean, quiet space. Of course, since it is a space for any student who has any religious belief, it should be free from any religious artwork. A Bible, a Torah and a Quran may be in the room, but it is not necessary.

For students who do not share the same religious beliefs as the majority, creating a space for them will let them see that they are important parts of the school environment. Allowing them time to express their spirituality in a safe space will allow for better integration in the school day.