Greenlight PRISM for AGP 2018-2019

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Naomi Jade and Alex Stewart pitched their game PRISM to become one of the greenlit games for USC Game's Advanced Games Program (AGP) capstone projects for 2018-2019. After listening to 12 different pitches, the judge panel decided not to greenlight their game. 

Sign our petition to show support for Naomi, Alex, and PRISM and ask that the USC Games faculty reconsider their greenlight choices.


In many ways, Naomi and Alex's work on PRISM exemplifies what the USC Games program stands for. Within their 5 years of combined AGP experience, Naomi and Alex have watched and walked through several full cycles of AGP games -- from first conception, to pitch, to final Gold Master product on Demo Day. They understand the process, the dedication needed to make a game, the kinds of games that bring light to the program. And they are entirely prepared and capable of successfully taking their game through the AGP cycle.

PRISM is a unique game with unique color-shooting mechanics and concepts. In the past year, Naomi and Alex have poured countless hours making their passion project and tuning their game to meet the goals of AGP - goals they are familiar with and goals they know they can follow through with. Their dedication shows. Their prototype was one of the strongest in this year's pitches, and their game was a standout in terms of platform and genre decision. 

If PRISM is greenlit, Naomi and Alex will have the resources to complete their game and achieve their goal of selling it through Steam Early Access at the end of AGP '18-19, a feat that is rare to come out of AGP but a feat many are confident they could have reached. 

Please sign this petition to show your support for Naomi Jade, Alex Stewart, and their game PRISM, which deserves a chance to be reconsidered as one of the greenlit games for AGP 2018-2019.