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Officially approve and sanction Glenn Allison's 900 series of July 1, 1982.

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On July 1, 1982, Glenn Allison rolled the first perfect (900) series in sanctioned competition in the history of bowling. However, the series was turned down by the then-American Bowling Congress (ABC) due to non-compliant lane conditions, allegedly discovered during a post-series inspection of the lanes.

In the years since Allison's feat, two dozen 900s have been approved by what is now the US Bowling Congress (USBC). Even though the rules at the time disallowed Allison's 900, consider the following:

- Allison's 900 was a highly difficult feat due to the low-scoring environment at La Habra 300 Bowl that night;

- The 900 was bowled with a Columbia Yellow Dot, long before the advent of high-friction bowling ball technology and a generally higher scoring environment;

- Allison has had a hall-of-fame bowling career, and racked up PBA titles and ABC eagles long before his perfect series. He is a highly skilled player whose bowling ability earned him the sport's ultimate achievement. His 900 was not a "fluke";

- USBC rules have since been changed so that lanes no longer need to be inspected immediately following each score eligible for an award;

- The USBC has approved two 900 series bowled in pre-bowling (unopposed) situations with no witnesses, yet has refused to recognize Allison's series bowled under the pressure of a packed house of spectators;

- Allison turns 84 this year. He deserves official recognition of his accomplishment during his lifetime.

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