Push back against Google’s attacks on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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Google and its subsidiary YouTube have waged campaigns of suppression against Bitcoin and blockchain industry for years. This behavior can only be compared to open acts of war. Currently, Google and YouTube systematically engage in the following activities:

- blocking cryptocurrency-related ad campaigns.
- deleting or limiting access to information pertaining to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on YouTube.
- pursuing a hostile information policy with regard to cryptocurrency projects. 
removing apps of cryptocurrency-related companies and media resources from Google Play. 

Furthermore, Google’s disregard for human rights, e.g. user privacy violations and restriction of free access to information, has been widely documented. Other corporations, like Apple and Facebook, have been exposed as partaking in the same violations.

We deem these actions anti-market behavior, digital militarism, and informational discrimination. We shall actively engage in community events, pursuing the goal of ending Google’s pressure on the industry.

At this time, we are organizing protests in Kyiv, Odessa, Tel Aviv, and New York. We will announce dates and further details in the near future. 

We believe that the U.S. Senate should subpoena Google representatives to testify on the corporation’s hostile actions targeting industry members. The same initiative should be followed by competent institutions and agencies across the globe. We urge those concerned to sign a petition  in support of our demands.