Create A Final Munchkin Adventure Time Expansion!

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Petition to USAopoly to produce another Munchkin Adventure Time Expansion.


As the television series has now concluded, we all want to get our hands on another expansion of Munchkin Adventure Time to keep the nostalgia dungeon train rolling.
We want more wild fun!
There has been lots of new content from the show, waiting, ready for the creation of a brand new expansion set.  
(...and let's dream big.  A "Come Along With Me" complete set collector's box!?)


"There’s something that makes these two creative properties just click in a way that feels like a natural fit and not just an opportunistic licensing deal."
-John Booth

The original game and first expansion are so beautifully done!  Fantastic images.  Improved aspects of classic Munchkin.  Deep, in world, content that went beyond just a surface branding or re-skinning of the game.

These are the things we love about Adventure Time's Munchkin

The show has a definite long term appeal.
The Guardian recently speaks to the brands longevity here.
And building on the emotional weight of a series finale doesn't hurt either...
But the developers at USAopoly don't need to hear that.  Their love for this zany show is evident in their original game.

We have die hard Munchkin fans.

We have die hard Adventure Time fans.

We have a Jake die.

Bring us at least one more Munchkin romp through the Land of Ooo.  ...and Mars.  ...and Islands  (...or Pillow World!).  To defeat Golb!

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