Make Diabetes treatment free in Kenya

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Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in Kenya,most if not all families are having diabetic relatives. 

However the cost of testing and drugs has remained high leading to the unwarranted  high number of deaths . Making treatment free will go a long way into ensuring that people are able to live with the disease longer and stronger. Eventually lowering the deaths resulting from Diabetes. 

Over the years, we have seen the cost of drugs rise in the health facilities for unexplainable reasons. This has and is continuing to be a lucrative business for the cartels in government due to price variation from sources to supply. The market is unchecked and this alongside the high cost of living, it is inhumane to continue to watch the public suffer under the hands of the government of the republic of Kenya. 

It's our desire that people will join us in the quest to making drugs free and or affordable, make testing free and engage in public awareness campaigns to sensitize the society on the availability of free diabetes facilities and services. 

Together we can reform the way of administration of the fight against the killer disease, Diabetes once and for all. 

Feel free to donate towards making this course a reality and achieving sustainable health care for all regardless of their economic status.