Get Aid to Armenia and Artsakh as Azerbaijan breaches our borders

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Hi, my name is Sarine Zeitlian and I am an Armenian that was raised in NYC. As an Armenian, I am absolutely terrified and heartbroken about the current conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Starting on July 12th, the Azerbaijan military have breached the borders of Azerbaijan and Armenia on the Tavush region for the first time in over 18 months. They are using the COVID-19 pandemic to get away with what they’re doing. They are attempting to shell and attack several villages in the Tavush region including Chinari and Berd. They are planning to possibly start a bigger fight. 
I have a cousin who is currently in the middle of serving his 2 year draft in Artsakh and many of those soldiers are preparing to risk their lives to help defend our country. But it might not be enough without extra financial aid.

This petition was created to get USAID (the section of the U.S. government that deals with foreign aid) to help the Armenians in Armenia and Artsakh out. It would help a lot if these civilians and soldiers were in a good financial state to make any sort of potential attack (or war) easier for the Armenians to endure. 

Armenians need your help to send as much aid and help as we can to our brave Armenian soldiers and to the civilians of Armenia and Artsakh that have been the victims of Azeri aggression for far too long.  JUSTICE FOR THE ARMENIANS. ARTSAKH AND ARMENIA NEED JUSTICE.