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USA Hockey no icing short handed rule change

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This petition was started to have USA Hockey change the roll out of the new rule that will disallow icing the puck by a team that is short handed.

Note this is not to stop the rule only to change the roll out and implementation of the rule. The idea of the rule is a sound one that will encourage players to develop a high skill level which is what everyone in youth hockey wants.

The issue is implementing this rule change will be a sever hindrance to players who have been taught from the first time they had to kill a penalty to just ice the puck. The rule is set to only effect Bantam age and below starting the 17/18 season and does not effect the Midget levels. (Note some Bantams have been playing for up to 8 years already) The reason Midgets were not included were 2 fold: 1) the exact reason stated above that these players have been taught this for many years and would create a hindrance in their games. 2) this rule will not effect the High School game and Midget also play HS so they feel it would be too confusing. Last time I checked there were many Bantams also playing HS so why were they not considered?

This petition is to have USA Hockey roll out this new rule starting 17/18 season for Squirt level birth years only (2008 and younger) , then 18/19 those Squirts will move up to Pee Wee taking the new rule with them. As the 2008 birth year progresses so will the new rule change and by the time they become Bantams they will have mastered the skills to kill a penalty without icing the puck because that would have been all they have even been taught.

Forcing Bantams and Pee Wees into this rule with only 2 month notice and practically no practice time as it is summer time would be a complete injustice to those players and the paying customers of USA Hockey, games will get long because players will still instinctively ice the puck causing a stoppage and face off. This could happen many times during 1 penalty kill and no telling how much time it would take for a game with multiple penalties. There was a small trial of this rule last season in the Boston area and the end result was game length went up an average of 6 plus minutes, this may not sound like much but 4 games x 6 minutes is almost a half hour and anyone who has ever worked at a rink knows any delay becomes a major headache .

Please pass the link to everyone you know in youth hockey and lets make our request heard by USA hockey for the good of the game.

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