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Create INNOCENT CHILD spot to support lost children and families

Currently there are organizations that are dedicated to supporting the tasks of finding lost children, providing legal and economic support to exploited children and their families, providing moral and psychologycal support to recovered and/or abused children.

However, there should be a US mandate that requires each newspaper, each radio station, each magazine, each tv station, each internet provider, etc. to dedicate 10 seconds of air time, a small piece on front page of publication or a pop-up message on web connections with information about a lost child. That way, viewers, listeners and readers of the different mediums are aware of a lost child and can be on the lookout for him/her. This will keep in our minds that there are thousands of children that are lost and need to go back home; or if not here anymore, to let their family know for their peace sake.

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  • USA President, Congress; Print, TV, Radio and Web Execs

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