Save Modern Pentathlon in the US

Save Modern Pentathlon in the US

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Started by Avery Niemann

UIPM's announcement on Thursday 4th, November 2021 regarding the elimination of riding from Modern Pentathlon following the Paris 2024 Olympic Games came as a complete shock.


It was very disheartening to hear that USAMP was not only aware of this decision, but wholeheartedly supported it.


Today we are formally requesting that you retract your support of the force majeure process that you previously aided UIPM in passing through.


We feel that this is wholly unacceptable, and we would like to see USA Modern Pentathlon stand up on behalf of Modern Pentathlon clubs and athletes throughout the country.


It is our understanding that a change like this requires discussion and debate- a fair, constitutional process- but this has not happened, and we cannot accept this forced decision!


Many young US athletes come into Modern Pentathlon with a horse back riding background, or they end up staying in the sport after falling in love with the discipline.


We fear that if the riding element is removed from Modern Pentathlon, we will lose many of athletes and the sport will die in the US. This would be a heart-breaking outcome for all involved in the sport, including athletes, coaches, and volunteers. We are appealing to you directly to stand up to UIPM on our behalf in order to protect the future and legacy of our sport.



258 have signed. Let’s get to 500!