"Removal of USA Hockey rule an Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty for banging on the boards"

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Hockey is a game played with grit, toughness, and excitement.  Just imagine in the third period with five minutes to go each team is tied at 1-1.  Someone makes an impactful hit to turn the puck over and a breakaway is in sight.  As the player goes on to skate towards the net, shoots the puck and scores.  Wait! A penalty was called.  The goal does not count since this players team was banging on the boards after his big hit to lead to a wide open breakaway to take the lead.  The amount of disappointment that is shown in this example is ridiculous.  Now a rule is saying that we cannot cheer on a great heads up play.  Why take out the fun and celebration of the game.  Change is needed and people need to celebrate whenever it is necessary.  Fight this rule and make hockey gain some of its enjoyment.