GYMNASTICS. Sexuality has no place in a sport dominated by little girls!PROTECT OUR KIDS.

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The USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Code of Points (our rule book) is being revised right now for the next cycle.  In light of the depth and breadth of the most recent sexual abuse assaults, let us make a stand in our rules that is congruent with our mission: Safe Sport. Prevent child abuse. Sexuality has no place in a sport dominated by little girls. 

This suggestion is not an added deduction, but rather one that adds clarity and eliminates some subjectivity to our current artistry rules. Currently, with the artistry deductions written as they are,  a judge could justifiably apply a deduction for this type of movement. But, we are asking as an organization, that it be clearly and overtly stated to cause coaches, choreographers and parents to pause and consider the content and messaging of movement encouraging a more critical eye. 

We suggest and support the addition of clear and specific language and examples to be placed under one of our current 3 Artistry deductions for routines that contain choreography that is sexually provocative or suggestive. Worded something like this:

  •  "Particular movements, gestures or poses that are contrary and/or inappropriate to beauty, grace, strength and elegance. Examples, but not limited to: twerking, gyrating hips, licking finger, shimmying. 

To some this will be easily shrugged off, but we live in a highly sexualized culture desensitizing us to the seeping in of the sexualization of little girls to be normal. We stand up and say NO. Not on our watch. We hope that a bold and protective statement can be made through the use of our rules.


Thank you for your support and commitment to protecting our kids. 


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