Petition to review USA Field Hockey's mission to "Succeed Internationally"

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USAFH Men's and Women's National Teams
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The USA Men’s and Women’s National Teams would like your support for the USA Field Hockey Board of Directors to structurally review the operational procedure and the leadership decisions that attribute to the mission of "Succeed Internationally.”  In order for both the Men’s and Women’s teams to succeed, there are standards that need to be met in high performance areas. Both teams feel these standards are not being met, resulting in continued challenges for each program. The main areas of focus are listed below.

Talent Pool and Player Retention:

•   The need of quality/quantity of player reaching the National Team through Junior programs.

•   The need of athletes competing for 2-3 cycles through implementing long-term retention strategies.

•   The need of adequate standards/quality of life.

Preparation and Events:

•   The support for quality matches for both men and women prior to major events (Pan American Games, Qualifiers, World League/Series)

•   The exposure of the game and teams in US.

•   The need of marketing, ticket sales and appropriate/rotating playing venue locations for home international games.

Facilities Standards:

•   The need of training pitches met with FIH standards. (The Spooky Nook pitch has been condemned by the FIH as unusable and is unsafe.)

•   The need for adequate nutrition. (Food services provided to the Women’s National Team includes the service of rotten food, under-cooked food, and low-quality food.)

•   The need for meeting rooms/locker Room. (Men’s team lacks any central meeting place.)

Staffing and Voice:   

•   The dire need of a high performance director and/or committee to provide oversight of athlete welfare, training environments, and to provide independent, direct contact to board.

•   The need of communication between sectors. National Team coaches/directors did not attend management meeting in Colorado.

•   The need of full time coaches, (Technical, Tactical, Physiological, Psychological), video analysis, medical staff, and administrative staff (more specifically for the men’s program)


•   The need of medical insurance and adequate medical care. (Men’s team currently has capabilities of insuring 6 full time players. Women’s National Team athletes have previously been subjected to prolonged inadequate healthcare.)


•   The need for appropriate products/uniforms. (Ill-advised sponsorships have led to inadequate apparel and poor uniform quality for both men and women.)


•   The need of financial support to achieve high performance plans for both men and women.


Through signing this petition, you will support the teams in asking the USAFH Board of Directors for an immediate, full review of USAFH’s decisions and actions that directly relate to high performance.