Law against the misrepresentation of the press. Ley contra la tergiversación de la prensa.

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Law against the misrepresentation of the press.

The defamations, misrepresentations, the lies, are crimes when you sue a citizen
and you have to show proof. Because of this, I consider that:

We should put an end to the press and the manipulated freedom of expression.

I ask the Congress:

1. All the news and headlines should be mandated by federal law to provide the first and last names of the author or writer
of the published paper, just like a song or a book would, in order to be able to identify the creator.

2. It shuold be a federal crime to misrepresent, spread, lie about or manipulate headlines, news, or information with political purposes,
creating division, hate, or panic within the population.

With all due respect,

Hugo Sanchez
(Composer / Singer)