Statehood for Puerto Rico, NOW!

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In 1898 Puerto Rico became a colony of the USA via the Hispanic American War. In 2012 the Puerto Rican people determined they did not want to continue as a colony they were asked--"Do you agree with maintaining the current territorial political condition?"
YES: 828,077 (46.03%) // NO: 970,910 (53.97%) See:,_2012
On 20 June 2016 The United Nations Special Committee On Decolonization approved text calling upon the United States Government to expedite a “self-determination Process for Puerto Rico”. See:
In a government to government agreement between the USA and Puerto Rico President Bill Clinton, President George Bush, President Barak Obama have all reiterated the willingness to accept the will of the Puerto Rican people as to their final status, including independence or statehood as legitimate final solutions to the current Territorial Status (i.e. colony). See:'s_Task_Force_on_Puerto_Rico's_Status

Thus as an American citizen residing in California born in Puerto Rico I seek a final determination for the status of 3.5 million fellow citizens who currently live under colonial rule in Puerto Rico. 

I petition President (as of January 20, 2017) Donald John Trump to work with Congress to, upon been elected, sit the proper number of congressional representatives of Puerto Rico in the USA Congress. See:

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