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March 5, 2016

  • I take 3 boxers to a tournament in Branson, MO
  • Ages 18 (female), 17(male) & 16(female)
  • All 3 boxers have parental consent
  • My 16-year-old female boxer was going to have her dad accompany us on the trip.  He cancelled last minute because he had to work so I asked my 18-year-old boxer to accompany us as a chaperone. 
  • There were funds available for one room at the hotel since Mr. Jones was not joining us any longer.
  • We boxed, won and came home. 

April 11, 2016

  • I receive a FaceBook Message asking me to attend an LBC meeting on April 13, 2016.

April 13, 2016

  • LBC Meeting
  • The first thing the LBC President said to me was “This is out of my hands, the decision has already come down from the top"
  • My 16-year-old boxer and her father were present.
  • The LBC President told the board members present that they did not have a vote in the matter because it already “came down from the top”.  When he was asked who they were told “the president of USA Boxing.
  • I was being told that I violated the Safety Sports Act “bylaw” and was banned from USA Boxing.
  • I did not get a chance to speak on what took place at the tournament.  The LBC President had assumed anything he had heard was the truth.
  • All this meant that the decision was made before the meeting. 


  • I submitted an appeal to USA Boxing because the meeting and the entire situation were handled poorly.

Appeal Hearing

  • I had all of my boxers and many supporters on the call.
  • Three of my supporters that were on the call were Ozark 22 LBC board members at the time, showing up to support me because they knew how unprofessional the entire situation was. 
  • The LBC President arrived to the call to represent the LBC alone.
  • I gave an account as to what took place in Branson at the tournament.  My boxers gave an account as to what took place. 
  • I had presented letters of parental consent to the hearing committee prior to meeting. 
  • Toward then end of the call one of my supporters (at the time she was also an LBC board member) asked the LBC President why he stated the decision had already been made from the top.  As he was being asked about who gave him the decision he was interrupted by a hearing panel member and was not able to give his full answer.


  • I received a letter a few weeks later stating that I am indefinitely suspended from USA Boxing because they agree with the original LBC decision. 

Triple Arbitration

  • I was advised by USA Boxing to submit a triple arbitration through the USOC because everyone who read and heard the case doesn’t see how I could be suspended in this situation.
  • When I contacted the USOC I was told the filing fees for a triple arbitration are approx $1600.
  • Paying to return to a sport as a volunteer coach after I have spent 16 years giving freely of my time and personal funds does not make sense to me so I am turning to my supporters. 

I have been an asset to the community for 16 years as a coach.   The youth I train are inner city youth.  We have used boxing for 16 years to help keep kids off the streets.  I have boxers and parent’s messaging and calling me each day asking me to train them.  I not only have a passion for boxing, but a passion for helping youth stay off the streets.   I am confident helping inner city youth through boxing is a God given gift.  Taking me away from that is taking something positive out of the community. 

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