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Petitioning Senator Chris Murphy and 10 others

US Treasury • Bureau of the Public Debt. — Savings Bonds division: Allow my son, listed as the "Pay To" owner of a US Savings Bond, get his own money!

My son has enough heartbreak over his father becoming ill. He should not have to be put through this to rub it in that his father is un-locatable. His dad may not be dead but he might as well be, since he is incapable of being located.

His father's last known whereabouts were when he was released from a CT hospital — and then he didn't know who or where he was. The last we heard was that he is living in his car somewhere, homeless, ill, untreated, refusing any medication. He barely knew his own name, much less was able to sign it. He now could be anywhere, wandering the streets in Los Angeles; he could be comatose, or eating out of dumpsters, or drifting anywhere.

A named co-owner (hey, it says "OR" in the payee line!) should be able to cash in his own savings bond, one that was purchased for him as a gift.

Instead of being told, as the Customer Service Rep for the US Treasury said to him, that we should just "wait until the father dies, and it goes to probate court, to get your money."  

That's ludicrous!

My son is 16, and he is not trying to mooch off his dad for money, as the US Treasury thinks. His dad's own wishes last he was lucid were that this money would go to him, now. He wrote this in a note to his son before he got sick. Last year, he wrote this while he was still rational and suspected that something was going on...then he started to descend into this terrible illness that has robbed him of all his prior mental faculties, causing him to abandon his life. Back then he was clearer, and he instructed his son to go get the bonds to use the money for his schooling. 

Tell the US Treasury to stop withholding payment to a listed bond owner if a missing co-owner cannot sign.  


Letter to
Senator Chris Murphy
Connecticut State House
U.S. Senate
and 8 others
U.S. House of Representatives
Office of State Senator Beth Bye Lawrence Cook
Press Liaison for Jack Lew, US Treasury Secretary Stephanie Ma
Head of the Department of the Treasury Jack Lew
Customer Service Representative - Treasury Direct Tina Bain
Bureau of the Public Debt. — Savings Bonds division Department of the US Treasury
Senator Richard Blumenthal
Connecticut State Senate
Allow a listed bond owner to get his own money.

Please allow Frank Horowitz to redeem his own bonds where he is listed as the intended payee. It says "Payable to: Barry Horowitz OR Frank Horowitz."

Stop withholding payment to a securities-holder for redemption of his own gift bonds because a signed consent form cannot be obtain from the original purchaser of the gift. The original purchaser is not only unable to be located to sign the Form 2243, since he is homeless and a fugitive who is not able to be found, but who is also ill and incapable of signing any form.

The purchaser is known to be alive only because he has sent emails. He has said that he is willing, and would want to sign anything and do anything for his son, but does not have an address and so does not reveal where he is.

He cannot be located by magic wand! He cannot be located by GPS either...he simply cannot be located. He has disappeared and no one knows where he is...even himself. He himself cannot tell where he is.

He has stated that he recalls purchasing the bonds as a gift, that they were purchased by him, and that he wants him to have them.

Please waive the requirement for a Form 2243 in this case and allow Frankie to get his own savings bond redeemed.

Stop withholding payment simply because, in this case, the missing co-owner is unable to sign the required form.