Stand Up for US Wine Jobs! Stop Tariffs on European Wines!

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The US Government is currently considering a measure that would impose up to 100% tariffs on all European wines imported into the US, dramatically increasing the price of these wines for consumers across the country. This is a retaliatory action related to a trade dispute in the large civil aircraft industry that has nothing to do with the wine industry, yet puts hundreds of thousands of US wine industry jobs at risk. 

The wine business supports millions of American jobs and touches millions of American consumers.  Bartenders, restaurant servers, retail associates, hospitality managers, port workers, warehouse workers, delivery drivers, marketing professionals, compliance experts and many others rely on the wine industry for their family’s income and livelihood.  At the same time, the wine industry supports thousands upon thousands of small US companies. Restaurant owners, retail store and bar owners, importers, and distributors, among many others, all rely on the wine industry for all or a significant part of their revenue. The imposition of additional tariffs on wines from the European Union will cause the loss of hundreds of thousands of American Jobs and force thousands of small businesses to close their doors. 

Equally, tariffs at the proposed levels will have a profound impact on consumers, raising prices dramatically and making some European wines unattainable in the US market.  Margins on wine are extremely small, and the sale of wine is highly regulated. A 25% tariff on wine imports will likely result in a 50% increase in prices for consumers, and a 100% tariff on wine imports will likely result in a 150% price increase.

Putting at risk US wine jobs and small businesses is not a fair way to settle a trade dispute that has nothing to do with the wine industry.  

Please join me in asking members of Congress and other government officials to stand for US wine jobs, and prevent these hurtful tariffs.