Support Food Trucks through the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Across our nation, Food Trucks provide an essential service to our community. The Boom of the food truck industry since 2008 has only been possible as they complement the food and beverage scene, across the Country, and offer a unique and versatile service.
There are over 23,000 food trucks in the United States with over 30,000 employees, generating over $2B+ in revenue per year. The food truck industry has experienced an average growth at 5.4%, outgrowing the overall commercial restaurant industry. Food Truck fans cited the fast serving times, convenience, high-quality, food safety and low price of the food truck service experience as reasons for supporting them.
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all of our lives, but the impact on the food truck industry is unprecedented. Thousands of small businesses are in jeopardy as many will not be able to make ends meet while they cannot work. Urgent and dedicated aid to our Food Truck industry and our employees is crucial, or too many will never recover.
We are asking for help with:
·  6-month income replacement grant conditioned upon full and continued employment of food truck staff, payment of rents to the commissary (rent), and ongoing payables to suppliers  (helps keep supply chain healthy)

·  Afford food truck and restaurant workers essential emergency worker status with hazard pay, health care, and daycare protections

·  Subsidized access to protective gear (gear, masks, goggles), training on Covid-19 safety

·  Mental health and wellness hotline 

·  Forgiveness of the Unemployment Insurance tax hike from 3-6%

·  Guaranteed loans and business interruption insurance access 

·  Engage in emergency food shortage situations


Thank you,

The National Food Truck Association