Stop USCIS from splitting The band ZETA

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Hi Everyone, I’m Dani, a founding member of the Venezuelan band, Zeta. I’ve been living as a working musician for the past 16 years, touring almost every country in South America. Zeta has spent the last two years in the United States of America, playing shows and sharing our Art.
I have recently applied for resident status in the United States as a professional musician, following my lawyer’s suggestion. After a long waiting period for confirmation of my status, USCIS has denied my petition. Each member of Zeta has filed their own petition individually, and all have been approved but mine. During our application process, we have been living together in a van, playing our music everywhere possible, and following our dream of sharing our music’s message of motivation and forward momentum.
It’s no secret that Venezuela is going through a troubled and violent time. Because of the situation there, I was forced to leave my home country in order to continue my work as an artist- the reason I believe I was brought into this world. My passion is to share my culture and spread unique musical experiences with the United States and the American people. I do not understand why I have been ordered to leave.
What I’m hoping to achieve is a USCIS reassessment of my permanent residency. I am deeply dedicated to my music and the compassionate message of Zeta. Our music helps people from all walks of life find strength, safety, and motivation through their struggles to live creatively and compassionately. Zeta inspires communities to come together to be stronger and more resilient. We spread our art not just for America, but also to help our friends and families still in Venezuela as they work to overcome mental illness, poverty, hunger, and suffering during our country’s difficult time.
Please, help me spread the word about my situation. I don’t want to leave this country. America has given me the opportunity to start from zero and feel safe once again in what I now consider my second home.
Thank you.