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States and Feds:  JUDGE NOT!

January 25, 2014:

State Legislatures, Congress and Federal Government agencies:  
we call upon you to INVOKE Article Six and
Article Four, Section Four of the US Constitution in order to


We, the people of the United States and the good people
of conscience around the world are demanding that 
heartless, Constitution-busting judges who seem to lack
common sense and compassion, and who are infatuated
with their "wide discretionary powers"
be removed from
judicial positions
across America and their acts rescinded.

HERE is one New York State example of the damage caused by a
Family Court judge, who seems determined to heartlessly
conduct an almost fanatical VENDETTA from behind the bench,
wrapping herself in the robes of justice while inflicting injustice
most mercilessly:

A) Imagine a single mother of two kids - exactly the type
targeted by dictatorial officials lately - who is managing a
household by herself.  A neighbor, making a pass at her,
is rebuffed.  He watches her every move and times her
comings and goings (as criminals do) the better to strike;
and he calls police one day when she steps out of the home
for five minutes to buy diapers for her two toddlers.
The "authorities" arrive, make a mountain out of a molehill
as they are told to do, and arrest the mother.
Neither the "admirer" nor the completely absent father
are arrested or even noticed by authorities at all -  and if the 
person who reported this to authorities really cared about
this good lady or her kids, WHY DIDN'T HE OFFER TO HELP HER?

Of course, these questions never occur to "authorities" at all.
They are just paid to "just follow orders".  And they are paid
to fabricate reports with stock phrases, innuendo and typical
buzzwords when they can't find any actionable violation of law 
actually committed by the person who they are  falsely arresting
and maliciously prosecuting.
They often let the real criminals off the hook; as in this case.

Then, Government attorneys lie and try to bully the victims of
their malicious and harmful hoaxes into confessing - just
in order to score, to "win" a prosecution - another scalp on
their desks - more silver across their palms, and another
GOLD MEDAL in the humanity-crushing, "Prison For Profit"
Olympic Decathalon: but LIFE IS MORE THAN A GAME.

B) Years later, as the kids attend school, the same young
single mother - OUT OF CONCERN FOR HER KIDS, of course -
communicates with local public school "authorities" and then
winds up in a bureaucratic  personality conflict - and any citizen
unfortunate enough to challenge or stir up these brutally
stubborn bureaucrats these days is treated worse than the
treatment meted out to the Taliban by our government.  
ONE DISAGREEMENT, and they blacklist you for life;
and they look up your record
(for "security" purposes, of course, uh, ahem) and they do you in
even more.  So they again raise the false allegation of "neglect" -
whereas if the mother were really "neglectful" and uncaring,
she would have offered no resistance to failed and arguably
destructive behavior toward her own children by the
school district - she would have just gone along willingly
with anything they wanted.

C) And what they wanted in this case was to put both of her
children into "special education" programs - with no vigilant
political opposition or diligent adversarial auditing by their mother.  
Was this really out of the school district's "goodness of heart"
and concern - or was it, as those "in the know" know -
spurred on by money:  Federal dollars, etc.?

D) When the good lady had her two kids taken away from her,
horrors were unlawfully inflicted on every member of her family
at the hands of the State.  

E) The Constitution, as every American knows, prohibits
double jeopardy.  Yet the same judge who ordered this
good lady's kids taken away from her, ordered her family
broken up, and ordered this lady incarcerated over
demonstrably FALSE "mental issues" (in typical Stalinist 
fashion) in a way which resulted in this politically defenseless
family's temporary homelessness and destitution during the
spring of 2013.
(This was all due to the fact that the local school district
objected to this good lady's lawful POLITICAL DISAGREEMENTS
with the almighty "jump back" school district) later threw out
the entire case against her - and then re-opened it (subjecting the
good lady TWICE to legal jeopardy toward her own "life and limb" -
her OWN CHILDREN - on the same dredged-up, old issue)
because of a piece of paper the good lady had been forced
to sign - told under duress that she had to sign it or never see
her kids again: (a form of TORTURE that would be illegal if it
were perpetrated by US troops against women on the
"other side" in Afghanistan, by the way).

F) The good lady pulled her kids out of public school and even
brought them to the good offices of Members of Congress to
try to resolve the problem.  The State of New York had APPROVED
her home-schooling arrangements.  In the meantime, the
good lady asked for more time (in regard to yet another issue
brought against her by this slamming bureaucracy) to obtain
a lawyer for that hearing.  Asking for a THIRTY DAY CONTINUANCE,
the court gave her only six business days -  not enough time,
of course.   The hearing was rescheduled for JANUARY 22, 2014.  
Everyone in the northeastern USA knows what the weather was like
on that date:  Deadly Arctic conditions with heavy snow accumulation
and ice hazards everywhere. A rescheduling had been requested
TWICE, prior to the hearing - first on grounds of insufficient time
granted; and  secondly, on grounds of hazardous weather.

G) This Court, in Nassau County, New York, celebrated Monday,
January 20 - Martin Luther King Day - a FEDERAL HOLIDAY -
by taping a notice to the door of this African American single mother
of two kids that she was to appear in court within 42 hours -
IGNORING the reasonable request for a  rescheduling of the hearing.
By this time, the court should  have known what the weather
would be like on the fateful morning of January 22, 2014.  

H) The good lady, respecting the wishes of this Court despite
the Court's own Constitution-busting heedless contempt for
her, traveled to Court with her two kids in tow, starting out on
her journey over one hour in this raging, frigid snowwstorm
before the court opened that day. She noticed that most of
her neighbors couldn't even manage to get out of the house,
despite repeated attempts. At the beginning of her TWENTY MILE
journey from her own county (Queens County, in New York City)
to the outskirts of HICKSVILLE, New York where this family court
is located (and of course none of the Court personnel had to travel
that far, yet THEY were all late to work too, of course) 
the good lady slipped and fell on the ice,  instantly suffering
severe and acutely painful injuries,  and after several minutes
of laying on the cold sidewalks of New York, was taken
to the nearest hospital by a passerby -  a true Good Samaritan.

I ) The phone system of the court was completely and consistently
inoperable until very late on the afternoon of January 22, 2014.  
In fact, in the Court's own notices, they indicated that there was
a possibility for even further delays in opening on that day.
No one could reach the Court by phone, no one could leave a
message until late in the afternoon of January 22, 2014.

J) While the good lady was flat on her back in the hospital
(where she spent the entire day) and unable to contact the court 
(and in fact, in agonizing pain from head to toe)  the judge
in this case used her "wide discretionary powers" to order
an absurd WARRANT FOR THE ARREST of this good lady, who
really should have been home that day, teaching her kids,
during a day on which New York City had declared a
STATE OF EMERGENCY.  That state of emergency was enough 
to have informed the judge not to issue the arrest warrant.

K) Well, her kids learned a lesson alright from their
home-schooling teacher that day (in fact, since they started
home schooling, the good lady's kids delight in calling their
mom "Teacher")  - what these two young kids have learned
firsthand is "Part Two" of the civics lesson they began to learn
previously; that  America has become a lobbyist-driven
police state, thanks in great part to arrogant judges who are
infatuated with their own power and who pride themselves on
refusing to listen to common sense and who don't care
who they harm, as long as they go along with whatever
nonsense our heroic truth-twisting Government attorneys 
have to say in court, on their way to collecting
their next taxpayer-funded paycheck.

L) This judge effectively participated in acts of bureaucratic
skulduggery, which seem to have brought about this result -
the Kerriganing of the knees of this single working mother of two,
(exactly TWENTY YEARS and sixteen days after Nancy Kerrigan
herself was injured in somewhat the same way) over an issue of
purported neglect.  Yet if this court had any caring sense of fairness,
it would be the absent father, NOT the diligent and vigilant mother,
who they would go after for neglect.  The "left hand" of the
State of New York which has seen fit to enable a
JUDICIAL VENDETTA against this good lady,
has let the absent father completely off the hook
in a way that is almost laughable.  
The documents which the Family Court itself is so heavily reliant
upon, clearly show (among other errors and fabrications) that the
State avers and believes that this good lady's  IDENTICAL TWINS have
... get this... two different fathers!
And they actually are trying to prove HER "delusional"?

M) This Court must - in order to avoid further violations of the
US Constitution (particularly the Eighth Amendment)
IMMEDIATELY rescind this arrest warrant,
drop this entire malicious and facetious action
which amounts to a false criminal prosecution,
close the case favorably to the good lady and her
entire family, and allow this lady to recover from the
injuries which were inflicted upon her by this Court's
persistent mishandling of this case - and leave her alone.
In the meantime, she's flat on her back in pain and in
fear for her life, fortune and sacred honor.
WILL ANYONE HELP HER, contact the author by mail
with respect to the matter of pro bono/personal injury
Assistance of Counsel; and join me in saying:

This is the last straw.   Americans - and people of the world
need to "go to the window", and shout, 


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AMERICANS:  Exercise ALL your First Amendment rights to
peaceably assemble for the purpose of petitioning Government for
redress of grievances.  Take this petition to all Members of Congress,
and if you live in New York State, to all New York State Senators and
Assembly members, and to your local MEDIA AND NEWSPAPERS.  
Don't listen to the cynical agents-provocateurs and naysayers who
disparage petitions and peaceful rallying and freedom of speech
and freedom of press and religion.


Thank you,
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877 Edgmont,  PA   19028-0877

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