America's Legal System Will Not Free African Americans from Louisiana's Death Chambers

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Shellie Carter
6 days ago
As a mother and taxpayer of the State of Mississippi, on 7.18.2020 8:08pm: I received a call from CMCF from another inmate that called to inform me that my son passed out in the kitchen inside the COVID-19 unit where he was working to prepare food for the quarantined inmates; on 7/16/2020.

I was just wondering if there is a protocol for informing the next of kin/family member that our loved ones have been diagnosed with COVID-19 a life-threatening virus? I had to hear it from another inmate; in which I am grateful and thankful for him calling me.
While worried sick about my son to find out if he was in ICU or at least given proper treatment I called and left messages for the following MDOC staff members.
8:30pm: *Medical dept through the departmental listing
8:33pm: Warden Banks
8:35pm: Sean Smith (investigator)
9:30pm: Mr. Cole the investigator called me back at 9:30pm to find out my son's information and said he would call me back to let me know about my son's condition.
11:03pm: I waited a few hours for Mr. Cole to call back. He did not; therefore, I called and texted him.
11:05pm: He responded with the following, at 11:06pm: " He stated he called the shift commander and he said that "inmate Carter would call me back first thing in the morning.

7.19.2020 8:30am: still nothing from my son, no calls, no messages, so I called
CMCF main line and Left messages for the following:
(because speaking to a live person is not possible
1. Ron King
2. Cedric Smith

I continued to try and reach someone and finally got a live person to answer the call, and she was very helpful and put me right through to Lt. Franks. She let me know Donnie as no longer in Bld. F A ZONE, I proceeded to ask her if there was any way that I could speak to my son personally to check on his well being for my peace of mind and she said that she would get him to call me.

12:17pm rolls around and I still have not been able to speak with my son. Therefore, I called Mr. Cole back and he assured me that Donnie would be calling me soon.

After speaking with my son, (I have attached the conversation) I have a few concerns about your MDOC COVID 19 information and updates, as it relates to the conditions of his COVID 19 sickness, hygiene, and conditions that he is subjected to upon his release from Merit Health Central on Thursday evening, per your website
In response to developments with COVID-19, the Mississippi Department of Corrections will continue to take action to protect staff, inmates, and the public. The MDOC is committed to ensuring inmates' rights, safety, and health are safeguarded through this process. The department is in constant communications with the Office of the Governor, the Mississippi Department of Health, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), and other authorities.
Other MDOC action to slow the spread of COVID-19 includes:

1. Screening employees daily when they report to work
2. Requiring employees to wear masks
3. Conducting extra cleaning and disinfecting high-touched surfaces, such as dining tables, light switches
4. Practicing social distancing
5. Providing masks, gloves, and antibacterial soap to inmates
6. Isolating any inmate tested or presenting symptoms of COVID-19
7. Making hand sanitizer available
8. Quarantining any housing unit where sick or potentially sick individuals have had direct contact
9. Sharing and posting COVID-19 information throughout MDOC facilities and providing handouts to inmates listing the symptoms of COVID-19 and informing them of ways to protect themselves.

If you are going to list everything that MDOC is doing, it might be a good idea to actually check on the inmates that are diagnosed with this virus to ensure that they have everything including medical checkups for breathing and fever, and possible additional medical care, they need to insure their safety and their health.

My son says he has begged for a blanket/sheet, TOILET PAPER, a clean change of clothes, soap, hand sanitizer and a shower since being locked up in the HOLE, to your staff, it is called quarantine.

After completing some research on Article 5. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Please see the deplorable conditions that my son told me he has been enduring since being released on Thursday 7.16.2020; being placed in the "hole" where unruly inmates are placed in solitary confinement, Section "5" cell #165 TOTAL ISOLATION FROM MEDICAL OR ANY OTHER HUMAN NEEDS:

1. HE HAS HAD NO MEDICAL ATTENTION, AND He has not been checked on by medical since his release. He is complaining of his chest burning, hard breathing and headaches and fever; along with chills and burning up at times, as we know how we feel when we are sick.
2. All the food trays that he has gotten since last Thursday, are still in his cell, unsanitary with food.
5. NO SHOWER since Wednesday.
7. He has NOT been given any antibacterial soap as the MDOC, CDC guidelines stipulates, and the Governor has stated that they have been given.
8. He has not been given any toilet paper and had to tear up his only means of wiping himself. (His shirt) THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT OR TREATMENT ANY WAY THAT YOU LOOK AT IT.
9. Placed in SECTION 5 Cell # 165. that has no sheets, blankets JUST A MAT ON THE FLOOR.
10. He has 2 pairs of boxers on, BECAUSE, he understands the virus and knows that keeping those clothes on, only keeps him subjected to the virus, (these are the same inmate clothes he has had on since July 16th when he passed out due to Covid-19) How is he expected to gain his health back if he cannot even shower or get a clean pair of clothes.
11. His inmate ID is in F BLD. Tower, he needs to get it back as soon as possible----from working on Thursday in R-N-C Kitchen, so that he can have someone help him on his books.
12. He stated that your staff places a sticker on the inmates backs with CV-19 that says "STAY BACK 6 FT. due to COVID-19" and your staff laughs, mocks and makes fun of the ones that have COVID-19 and wearing the stickers. ( If I am not mistaken this is a HIPPA violation because it is medically diagnosed condition and it is a privacy matter; however, I am not an attorney, just an advocate, but I will be sending this email to find out my son's and others that are subjected to their HIPPA and constitutional rights being violated.)
I would like to ask you to, for just a moment, put yourself in the shoes of the inmates and lay in a cell with the described conditions above, not to mention, with a life threatening virus such as COVID-19. Would you want to be housed in such deplorable conditions with NOTHING? Please do not think I am asking for him to be placed in the Hilton, I am simply asking for him to be given the BASIC human needs that we, each and every one of us use daily.

The last time I checked, inmates have THE RIGHT to be Free from Cruel and Unusual Punishment as the Eighth Amendment forbids “cruel and unusual punishment” and is probably the most important amendment for prisoners. It has been interpreted to prohibit excessive force and guard brutality, as well as unsanitary, dangerous, or overly restrictive conditions. It is also the source for your right to medical care in prison.” Wilson v. Seiter, 501 U.S. 294 (1991).Farmer v. Brennan, 511 U.S. 825 (1994). Vance v. Peters, 97 F.3d 987 (7th Cir. 1996),

Please note that I will be contacting an attorney to discuss this situation and as I pray that my son and other inmates that have contracted this horrible virus; will overcome COVID-19 recover and be okay. Just please know that they are loved by their mothers standing at the gates….and their loved ones outside of the walls of prison.

I appreciate your help with this matter and look forward to hearing from someone in response to this email.

Thank you for your time and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the following mobile number, 228.219.8823.

I have cc'd the staff at CMCF for informational purposes only.

Very respectfully,

Shellie Brooks-Carter

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Hawkins Hawkins
4 weeks ago
I had a horrible experience with a corrupt Judge and Captain Rick Dailey of the Effingham County Sheriff's Office in the Ogeechee Judicial circuit. You wouldn't believe the things they get away with unless you see it for yourself. My family and I seen it, now we're trying to help make a change.

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Nancy Schaeffer
Jun 21, 2020
When Ray Krone sat on death row ,we could have executed him .he was innocent and is an has been freed . Just one mistake is too many !

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Gwendolyn Jones
Jun 18, 2020
More of our black men and boys have been wrongfully in-prisoned and now in poor condition holding due to cov-19

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Patricia Hansen
Jun 16, 2020
There are people in jail that should not be there. We can do better.

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Babette Dunn
Jun 2, 2020
My loved one and many others are being unjustly incarcerated and is at risk of being infected and even dying from COVID-19. No matter what the sentence is for anyone, this death sentence is not part of it. All Lives Matter

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Dr. A. D. Jackson
May 9, 2020
Dr. A. D. Jackson

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Apr 27, 2020
I can't stand courtroom injustice..

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Arthuretta Martin
Apr 27, 2020
I national disgrace. Slavery by another name must end in this country.