Say NO to FORCED return

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A petition was started a few days ago to return Syrian refugees to Syria within the given conditions. The petition calls for the forced return of hundreds of thousands of refugees to a warring country. This is not representative of the Lebanese population or the people residing in Lebanon in general. This also violates international humanitarian law and the principles of protection. Forced return whether to safe zones or not should not be discussed, petitioned or even proposed. Lebanon needs support to ensure refugees and Lebanese are living a safe and dignified life in the country, but never forced to leave. 

Safe Zones are not the answer and they will never be. 

'Experts seem to agree that safe areas cannot work, whether because they trap refugees who have the right to flee from moving, or because they are unable to prevent further violence within an active war zone. Their very premise, if you think about it, is questionable, Frelick said. Under humanitarian law, civilians are protected. “The idea that you’re safe on this side of the line, but unsafe on the other side of the line, is extremely problematic in terms of international humanitarian law,” he said. “It’s kind of nonsensical. There’s a kind of illogic to it.”The only logical answer, then, to helping those trapped within a war zone is to actually bring about peace.'

'But the calls for safe zones raise concerns about placing displaced people in Syria in unsafe conditions and limiting their ability to flee to other countries. Discussed below are factors that governments should consider before establishing any safe zone or safe area, whether by the parties to the conflict or the United Nations Security Council.'

Any return of Syrian refugees to Syria, should be an informed, voluntary, safe and dignified return. 


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