FREE WRIGLEY!!! Grant Mother's 388, Bring her son home now! END THE ABUSE!!

FREE WRIGLEY!!! Grant Mother's 388, Bring her son home now! END THE ABUSE!!

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Kristen Joseph started this petition to US State Department and

My family has been exceptionally misrepresented by the Department of Children and Family Services as well as the State of California. My son was removed February 19, 2021 . It was 14 months of absolutely zero contact in attempt to severe our very strong bond. Their reason for keeping us apart? It was alleged they couldn't get in contact with my therapy office to confirm therapy an my online parenting class wasn't sufficient because it should have been in person howevvvver......paaandemic? Is this enough to keep a family apart? Not even close, it's disgusting. 









Please consider reading our story and learning more about our family and case, then consider endorsing this petition in hopes of ending this unlawful, unconstitutional battle and bringing my child home where he belongs





As I sit down in my living room to begin writing this petition, I incidentally turn my gaze toward my son’s room where he has not been in 4 months. Gift bags stuffed with presents and tissue paper line the outer corner of his room from his birthday that passed on March 1st. I instantly become queasy recognizing these moments lost, this time that has passed by us so quickly, will never be returned. My heart shatters as I digest the reality that my son’s 9th birthday will never be celebrated again and the memories will always include a mere 10 minute virtual call from the psychiatric hospital as I sat alone in our family home on the other side of the screen, helpless, filled with intense pain, anguish, guilt and regret, wishing my son a “Happy Birthday” that I could only anticipate wouldn’t be quite so. My only gift allowed to share was that of a YouTube video I worked diligently to put together in order to provide him with some solace (included in this petition) As I held back tears and choked on my words, this would in turn be the last time I saw his beautiful freckled face.





I count the days, 111 today to be exact. 111 days since I’ve held my son, 111 days since I gave his beautiful freckled, dimpled cheeks kisses, 111 days since I tucked my son into bed, one hundred and eleven days I will never, ever get back. Every single moment a loving parent and child spend separated from one another is a torment beyond what anyone should ever have to endure. I’m not certain a “loving” Mother is what I would describe myself as, I would sell my soul to the devil to keep my child safe. “Loving” doesn’t quite explain my dedication to my son nor does it even mildly represent the connection between our souls. Separation is the biggest threat posed to any human as we are wired for connection, we are facing an unprecedented human rights disaster at the hands of our Government and although thousands of parents have gained the courage to speak out, they’re not being heard. I, a Mother, am no different; as my forced, unconstitutional, unreasonable family separation has not been acknowledged or addressed by the hundreds I’ve reached out to as our stories fall onto deaf ears. 









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Our story (The short version) continues below: 

The claim: Neglect and Emotional Abuse





The California state statute that defines child neglect defines it as a parent that WILLFULLY fails to provide a necessity to a child without legal excuse. There have been no willful acts of negligence and supposing said negligence was factual, Mother has willingly been open to remedies and modifications in the medical care of the child. Furthermore, as a country that just faced a pandemic, all allegations regarding negligence would have legal reinforcement which would certainly suggest Mother has been falsely and unjustly accused.






California law states a child may be removed from a parent in instances of abuse however prior to removal they must try to provide all necessary and adequate support attempting to avoid unnecessary trauma to keep the child in the family’s home .Imminent danger was not present at the time nor is it present now.

Reasonable efforts were not put forth in order to keep our family together by the Department. Invading our lives and imposing a standard of living upon my family is a violation of our liberty interests.  As I have repeatedly stated, These actions were avoided by the Department of Children and Family Services and never offered, the child was simply removed. To reiterate, My son is not abused in any regard as these were exaggerated, false, and fabricated claims. 






As a single Mother raising her child alone in Southern California, this undoubtedly gets tough, but raising a special needs child is exceptionally trying at times, however I wouldn't change a single thing. I,  Mother has shown beyond measure her involvement in her son’s mental health, her own mental health, the stability and safety provided to her child, and her emotional involvement with the child’s very special needs. Repeatedly within the DCFS procedures are the statements that suggest the Department removes children as a very last resort yet has shown quite the opposite. It is in the Departments requirements to maintain and preserve families providing those in need with all necessary services to ensure family homeostasis and stability of the family unit. Instead our family was traumatically ripped apart without due process and with intense misrepresentation and it continues to become more horrifying by the day. Removal of the child is far more detrimental to the child and child’s family than remaining in the home with provided and requested services. Furthermore, The Standard the Department claims parents should be held accountable for is an arbitrary standard and these standards mustn be imposed unto others dealing with the rearing of their children as this is an intrusion on my family's life and liberty interest.






There has been a great abuse of power by the courts and department of children and family services violating our right to privacy, intruding into our lives, examining the day to day decisions and choices of our families sitting in judgement of those choices and then forcing us to follow prejudiced and conflicting standards with the threat of harm and division of our family for non compliance. 





 Our family has been misrepresented and the department has failed and traumatized our family breaking the family bond and unit. Our family and livelihood is suffering tremendously as our unalienable rights continue to be violated by people that have never even met us before.






As a transparent presence who has often shared my little families journey with so many of you, I kindly ask if you would help sign this petition to bring to the court to dismiss this unjust case brought to the court under perjury and to bring my son home where he belongs, under the constitution, and naturally, with the Mother who carried him in her body for nearly a year, the Mother who has advocated for and fought for, and more importantly, walked aside him no matter what during our sometimes difficult, sometimes glorious, but always beautiful journey here on this Earth together. 







Granted I am in a battle for my own family, Keep in  mind that this is not about one family, but about the systemic abuses tearing apart families in California and all across the country daily at alarming rates. Children are being ripped from their loving homes in traumatizing manners, disrupting their stability, and sold into foster families often without rationale yet always without due process. As a federally funded, private entity, our Constitutional rights apply in their courts however are consistently ignored and violated.  There is a great need for updated policies to address this growing issue as the research is clear and data highlights repeatedly the importance of considering alternative ways to protect children and families; family separation impacts children far greater than most allegations of abuse. Removal of children from their homes is their first resort rather than the very last. I cannot express the significance of this matter enough as lines are being crossed daily and justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. If we can begin one by one we can start a domino effect impact. We can encourage others to fight back, stand up for their freedom, and demand change.







The agency refuses to offer any sort of transparency or cooperation with us citizens with constitutional rights. In our case they’ve created your own imminent danger when none exists in order to legally kidnap my son while holding him for ransom. My son is not their paycheck nor is he a dollar sign. Just because they obtained my son through a malicious social worker,  through taking advantage of my vulnerability, manipulation, deceit, and intimidation doesn’t mean it was constitutional in the least.  Who consistently oversees the agency? When was the last time the agency was audited? The behavior of the social workers are unlawful acts and conduct consistently providing the public with a huge disservice. As all complaints are handled within the agency, who handles and oversees ours? 






As the agency's psychological operations on myself have failed to achieve the desired results I am still consistently being denied my right to parent, and my civil rights and liberties. How is it not alarming that a staggering 84% of all child removals are not related to any physical harm to the child whatsoever? With 61% of the placements being considered neglect, that’s 61% of our children being torn from their families indefinitely based on a social worker's opinion. Do they truly believe your qualified immunity protects you when you’re personally violating our civil rights? 







When you advocate for us, you're advocating for all parents. 



Please support reunifying my son and I immediately and endorsing the suggestion the court has greatly violated our rights and acted with an abuse of power in this matter. 

People spend decades in prison for being falsely accused of crimes, yet somehow the court is unwilling to admit they're wrong involving matter with our children and families. By signing this you support the notion the court may have not acted in the families best interest as the families best interest lies with the family being together. Signing this will support Mother's 388 Petition to have her son returned home. 






When you advocate for us, you're advocating for all parents. 


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