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Protect the LGBT Community of Chechnya: Grant Asylum in the US

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More than 100 men in Chechnya have been detained and tortured for loving another person. The thing we need most in this political climate. The qualifications for detention are that the person is "assumed gay." The environment there is one of rampant homophobia. If these people escape government abuse and execution, there is still a high risk of the same treatment being carried out by family members in order to protect the family's honor. The US is the world's leading power and it has denied up to 40 of these men visas. Even though we can no longer depend on a president to do what's best for our citizens and others around the world when it's truly necessary, our values are no different than they were before this administration. Post-inauguration, we as Americans have had to take on a position of leadership that is missing from this presidency, so our names are the ones that can influence these officials to protect the LGBT community in Chechnya. Denying these people visas goes against the American way and harshly undercuts the purpose of this country. This collection of signatures signifies our message to the State Department: Do not let history repeat itself; grant these people access to the basic human right of safety. There is a sort of irony, or an ethical challenge, in that the community in need of our help is associated with a country the US has so much trouble dealing with, but America cannot be intimidated by Russian political games when people's lives are in danger. By advocating for both love and the Russian people, we are reaffirming that not everything is political. We are reaffirming that human decency trumps profit, power, and ego every day.

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