Evacuate LGBTQ+ people in Afghanistan

Evacuate LGBTQ+ people in Afghanistan

August 30, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nemat Sadat

This appeal is to the US government to assist in the safe passage of LGBTQIA people who need to flee Afghanistan and seek refuge by providing humanitarian visas that allow them to leave the country.

LGBTQ Afghans are facing an existential threat under the Taliban. Mullah Gul Rahim, a Taliban Sharia Law judge, has spoken of the horrific deaths that will be inflicted on gay people under the Taliban's false interpretation of the Qu'ran, Hadith's, and Sharia Law.  Mullah Gul Rahim has said in an interview with German newspaper Bild in July 2021, that “There are only two penalties for gays: Either stoning or he has to stand behind a wall that falls on him. The wall must be 2.5 to 3 meters high,” 

In the last 20 years, LGBTQ Activities have taken immense risks in pushing for social progress in Afghanistan. Since the fall of Kabul on August 16th,

- Neighbors are reporting LGBTQ Afghans to the Taliban in order to gain social credit under their new regime.  

- The Taliban have carried out house searches for LGBTQ people on their hit list. 

- Family members of LGBTQ people have been killed or asked to turn over their suspected trans and gay children to the Taliban. 

- LGBTQ Afghans have been abducted, tortured, and killed by the Taliban. 

- The Taliban are going through people’s belongings, looking at the photos and videos in their camera gallery, reading WhatsApp and Facebook messages, and looking for songs or movies to find any traces of homosexuality. 

- Many of the 800+ LGBTQ Afghans have told us they are contemplating suicide to keep from dying these horrific deaths. 

In exchange for development money, the Taliban MAY allow women to lead devote Muslim lives under Sharia Law and allow them to work and go to school. However, there is no amount of development money that will keep the Taliban from killing the LGBTQ Afghans. They are the trifecta of everything the Taliban hate: Apostates, Gay, and Sodomites

Out of the nearly 800+ cases for evacuation that we have submitted to the State Department on behalf of LGBTQ Afghans none of them were able to successfully leave the country.   The US government has promised to help vulnerable Afghans, including LGBTQ people evacuate out of Afghanistan, but to date, nothing has happened. 

Nancy Pelosi's office has stated, “Protecting LGBTQ Afghans and facilitating the immediate evacuation of those at risk is a significant and urgent priority for the Speaker.  Throughout the evacuation process, the Office of the Speaker has been in close and constant contact with partners at home across America and on the ground in Afghanistan, from both the military and civilian communities, to provide detailed information to the Departments and State and Defense about at-risk LGBTQ Afghans to enable and, where possible, expedite their evacuation.  We will continue to steadfastly advocate on behalf of the Afghan LGBTQ community and work closely with the Administration to ensure the safety and well-being of the LBGTQ community and other Afghans at risk.  The security of the Afghan LGBTQ community has been and will continue to be an issue of great importance for the Speaker when coordinating with the White House and throughout the Biden Administration.”

We must extract as many LGBTQ Afghans before the Taliban executes them. Join us in our call to action. Please sign this petition, donate if you can, and share far and wide. Let’s show that, we the people, value human dignity and respect the lives of LGBTQ people in Afghanistan.

Signed: LGBTQ+ rights activists and Civil Society Organizations from around the world

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Signatures: 1,369Next Goal: 1,500
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