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I am Yonta Jasper.

I have been incarcerated in Panama for 2 yrs and 7 months. The prison conditions are not great. I have endured some horrible situations here. 

I am in process of a transfer to the US. This process has been prolonged for reasons out of my control. But every day I'm here is another day my well being is at risk.

Some examples of these horrible conditions:

  1. Prison over run by huge rats. (Prisoners have been bitten.)
  2. As a foreigner I am subject to violence/robbery.
  3. The prison does not provide toiletries.
  4. Also as a foreigner, I have to buy necessities from native prisoners.
  5. There is no official way to receive money. Everything is done through natives and their families on the outside.
  6. Little to no medical treatment. (I have a skin allergy and had a really hard time getting treated.)
  7.   I am at risk of getting sick cause all prisoners sick or well are housed together.(I've had the flu 6 times, 2 ear infections, several breakouts on my skin.)
  8. Violent fights happen often which results in the guards/police spraying gas and shooting riot bullets. This puts foreigners at risk.
  9. I have had many problems with receiving food.

The purpose of the Transfer is to try to lessen the hardships of being incarcerated out of the country and for the prisoner to be close to their families. But as previously mentioned, my transfer process seems to be dragging. 


Also the U.S. Embassy has not visited since June. 


Please sign this petition to bring me home. Please sign this petition to shine light on this situation. Show some support and help get me back on U.S. soil. Please and Thank you. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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