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Make pet owners financially responsible for voluntary surrenders

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 It seems that in the US there are a huge number of animals being brought to local shelters by owners that voluntarily surrender them for various reasons.   The shelters are becoming so overcrowded,that they cannot keep so many due to limited space and/or funds available.  The animal then pays the ultimate price and is put to sleep within days of arrival.  This is not fair to an animal that did nothing to deserve this.    People need to be held financially responsible if they take their animal to the shelter,  The financial responsibility should be on the  owners that surrenders them,  from the moment they take them to the shelter until the time that they are adopted out of the shelters.  This ensures that the animal is taken care of in the shelter and given the ample time to find a new home.  It takes the financial responsiblity off of the shelter so they would not have to deal with the expense and could use their funds for non- owner surrendered animals that are there.


People are financially responsible for their children until the age of 21. If a law was passed that also made them financially responsible for any animal ,for whatever reason,  surrendered to a shelter, they would be forced up front to make better choices BEFORE getting an animal.    This I feel would eliminate irresponsible people from ever taking an animal into their home to find out they don't want it,days,months or years down the road.  Therefore, reducing the number of owner surrenders at shelters by those people never getting an animal to begin with.


Lets make the people responsible for their decisions,not the poor,innocent animals. 






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