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Save a war heroes home for veterans

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Nadia McCaffrey has adopted more veterans than I can remember. I was contacted by her after a post I did way back in 2005 because of this article I read on One Mother's War. Veterans Village started because her son died in combat. That's the way most things start.

The grief causes a lot of people to seek something to do with their lives that will make up for the loss the world suffered. Yes, the world. Each of us have something we are supposed to do on this planet we live on. Some are supposed to do things on a grand scale, getting money, power and attention to find support for what they are supposed to do while others are supposed to work on a small scale. Nadia is one of that type of hero.

The problem is in doing what she has done is few think about her and supporting the work she does because the reality in this country is veterans are usually last on the list of things to do. Oh, sure we can line some streets in our home towns when heroes like her son Patrick come home in a casket with a flag covering it. We can show up when there is a local fundraiser for a triple amputee Green Beret SFC. Josh Burnette but everyday there are more and more no one ever hears about.

They end up homeless in the very country they risked their lives for. In an odd way, their very sense of selflessness that caused them to set aside everything for us, is what keeps them from asking us for help. Most are suffering from PTSD. When the military loves to point out that military suicides are more connected to relationship problem and financial hardships, they never seem to mention the fact that less than half of the veterans needing help for PTSD ask for it, so that in turn means that less than half are diagnosed with it. If they don't seek help to heal, then they are passed off as not suffering due to military service. Reporters never seem to know enough about PTSD to understand that. It still causes relationship problems and financial issues diagnosed or not. Families cannot understand and deal with the actions of these veterans, so they end up homeless and supportless.

Nadia tried to do something about it and now the bank took the home she had established to give these veterans a loving home they not only needed, but earned. What happened to her is just one more example of the people doing the work to help our veterans more than raise funds are suffering.

Kathie Costos

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