Say NO to the Space Commerce Free Enterprise Act

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On May 7, the US House of Representatives passed the Space Commerce Free Enterprise Act, a reworking of the international Outer Space Treaty catered to US interests. The bill effectively absolves the United States from responsibility for the actions of US companies in orbit, including SpaceX, Boeing, and Blue Origin. The bill is part of a wider effort within the Trump Administration to deregulate and militarize space for American advantage. Deliberately undermining a treaty that has been a standard of international relations in orbit since the beginning of the space race sets a dangerous precedent. If this bill is signed into law by the US congress and President Donald Trump it will be remembered as the opening salvo in the war against mutual aid and cooperation in the final frontier. Deregulated markets have proven to be detrimental to democracies on Earth and there is no reason to think that similar damage won't be done by deregulating commerce in outer space.