Right for Haitians to govern their own country that their ancestors fought to liberate.

Right for Haitians to govern their own country that their ancestors fought to liberate.

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Zermatt SCUTT a lancé cette pétition adressée à US Senate et à

We present you the problem in the words of a letter Zermatt Scutt addressed to the Biden/Harris administration after their inauguration in January 2021. After witnessing the vile actions of the Biden/Harris government as Haitian migrants entered the US through Texas, Zermatt Scutt decided to launch this petition. Many of us Haitians are fleeing Haiti because of the consequences of US policies and actions in Haiti. Yet, when we arrive at the US's doorsteps, we are treated no less than slaves. The US government and its puppet PHTK government in Haiti need to be held accountable in US national courts and/or international courts of law for its policies towards Haiti and its people:

The Power of our Example: An open letter

Zermatt Scutt


Dear President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris,


There were engineered power outages on the day of your inauguration in our town.  My partner, my mom and I joked that the PHTK/Jovenel Moise government must be afraid of what the new tide coming into the white house might mean for them. But, as is often with jokes, our musing touched on something very real: The PHTK/Jovenel Moise government had thrived under the Trump government (impoverishing, looting, brutalizing, kidnapping, terrorizing and killing) at the expense of our people. I bear witness to the reality that everything, every aspect of our lives have been deteriorating, decaying under the PHTK/Jovenel Moise government.

As three women determined to cheer on Vice-President Kamala Harris, and you, the weeping/conscientious elder of Delaware, we hussled and hussled until we found means to charge my mom’s ipad. It wasn’t until late in the evening that we were able to start watching the inauguration program on YouTube.  We hooked up the ipad to the boombox speaker so the whole neighborhood could hear.

We listened carefully to the words being spoken.

President Biden, you spoke of the United States leading the world by “the power of our example”. We, living in Haiti at this moment, are giving the United States government, under yours and Vice-President Kamala Harris’ leadership, a never before seized opportunity to indeed show the world the power of the example of the United States.

We, the Haitian people, already lead the world by the power of our example. Since 1804, we have set the standard of freedom, justice and a decent life for all. For this, we have been ostracized, humiliated, impoverished by the so-called leaders of the international community and our own so-called leaders who follow in the footsteps of their masters.  In spite of this, we, as a people, have never failed to hear and to courageously answer freedom, justice and decency calling us to stand up.

That is what is happening in the country as I write.  We, the Haitian people, are rising up yet again in defense of the standard of freedom, justice and a decent life for all.  We are rising against the dictatorship of the PHTK/Jovenel Moise government.  We’ve been rising against the murderous machinery of the PHTK/Jovenel Moise government and its gangs for some time now.

But, we, the Haitian people, young and old, women and men, know that the PHTK/Jovenel Moise government doesn’t stand on its own two feet. They have no backbone of their own.  Their agenda, their financial resources, their weapons for brutalizing and terrorizing our people are provided by the U.S government, a government that poses itself as “leading the world”;  a “leadership” which until now has effectively meant, controlling, dominating, ruining the lives of ordinary people who simply want to live their lives peacefully in decency.  The PHTK/ Jovenel Moise government is a tool, a heavily armed tool, for keeping us black folks in Haiti in line, for enabling the U.S government to effectively govern our nation against our will, against our interests. 

And we are not the only ones, people of color all over the Caribbean and Latin American nations (to only mention those of us who are your closest neighbors) have long been suffering at the hands of the archaic stance and policies of the U.S government in regard to our peoples.

Now, indeed, is your opportunity to lead the U.S government in seeing and treating our people as their neighbors, not their servants, not an open market for U.S rice and leftovers, not cheap labor for U.S businesses, not a threat.  We’ve never been a threat to the United States government and its people.  We are too busy roasting and grinding our coffee to drink with some bread in the morning, cultivating the land and gathering the produce from our gardens to sell at the market place, teaching and studying, driving our tap-taps, going out to sea to fish, cooking our meals, washing our dishes and our clothes by hand, taking care of our loved ones and livestock, playing soccer, playing domino and òm, making love… to be a threat.   

Now is your opportunity to show the solidarity that the U.S government has continuously failed to show our people precisely because of the power of our example: we seized freedom for ourselves, a black nation, and we stood alone in demanding justice and a humane, decent life for all God’s children. 

We are giving you an opportunity indeed now to show the world the power of your example by taking the foot of the U.S government off our necks so we can breathe, so we can live. So we can negotiate among ourselves and decide for ourselves how to best realize the free, just, peaceful and decent lives we’ve been longing for for so long.   

We are giving you an opportunity to turn a page in history by adopting a stance and policies that set the ground for the possibility of genuine neighborliness between the people of the United States and the Haitian people (and the black and brown people of the world).  We are simply neighbors in the world terrain.  It is possible for the people of the United States and us, the Haitian people, to become good neighbors, sharing insights and tools that can help all of our peoples keep more in tune with the rhythm of life. 

Yes, we, the Haitian people, have much insight on keeping in tune with the rhythm of life that we could share with the people of the United States.  We’ve managed to cultivate these insights in spite of being enslaved for hundreds of years, in spite of the engineered turmoil and impoverished state the racist hatred and fears of the so-called “world leaders” have brought to our doorsteps since 1804.

Now, while it is true that the standard we set in 1804 is a great source of pride for us, we, the Haitian people, are the first to acknowledge our own many imperfections. We are sure the people of the United States can relate. Just like us, your many imperfections often struggle with the standards you have set for yourselves.  This being the case, it seems to me that if we are to lead each other as nations, as neighbors, this can only be done by the power of our examples.  For instance, imagine that all of us, men and women, black, brown and white, followed the powerful example of my mother and become leading mothers, responding to what is needed when it is needed in our families, our communities, our nations, and in the world that we share. It is fair to say that we, the Haitian people, and the people of the United States have a very long way to go to structure and shape our societies in a way that produces citizens of the world who are leading mothers. I think it is fair to say also, that one of our (Haitian, American, Cuban…) deepest longing is precisely to dwell among communities, societies governed by the decency of leading mothers.

President Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris, my mom, my partner and I are cheering your courage on.  For, it will take much courage for the two of you to take on the American government machinery that often acts against the ideals and the longing even of the American people. Do set a most powerful example indeed in your dealings with our people and the people of the world who fervently believe in and long for freedom and justice and a decent life for all, including black and brown people.  The whole of nature is waiting on us to become decent neighbors to one another so that we can better care for it, and thus save ourselves.



Zermatt Scutt,

My mom’s apprentice

A passionate lover of everything beautiful

Philosopher/ University of Pennsylvania

Bryn Mawr Alumna




Citizen of the World

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