The Grief Petition: FREE Online GRIEF SUPPORT for Anyone Anywhere 24/7

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Today, there are millions of people grieving worldwide, and the numbers in the United States and abroad will accelerate over the next decade, but our country is not prepared to provide accessible grief support to our families and healthcare workers, 

"As baby boomers age, 'we are in for a death boom. We are in for a dementia boom..All of these things are going to happen but firms are not prepared for it.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology exists today to cost-effectively provide FREE Multilingual Level 1 Online Grief Support to Anyone Anywhere 24/7, and while it will never replace the power of the human touch - it is scalable, cost-effective, long lasting/High ROI, and readily accessible thru anyone with a mobile phone.

 If you have access and the money to get local professional grief counseling, then please do, but IF you do not - An Artificial Intelligence powered Level 1 Online Grief Support ChatBot (GriefBot) By Type of Loss Experienced would be available to families, individuals, local government health and human services agencies, our armed forces/their families, healthcare professionals,religious organizations/support agencies, funeral/deathcare industry, and others.

This is possible today, but we need the urgency to make it happen by funding the development, testing and implementation with key AI University research centers that commit to the urgent timeline necessary to meet our country's growing need. 

GriefTech Center Initiative -  by My Grief Angels