Shut down schools for atleast 2 weeks due to Coronavirus

Shut down schools for atleast 2 weeks due to Coronavirus

March 11, 2020
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US School Disctricts
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Due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, our communities health is at risk. Especially with the immature and unhygienic actions most teens make these days the virus could be a very big risk factor to our lives. Currently there are 6 new cases in Illinois 

12 people have died and 1,200+ cases have been reported in the US. 

"This means that our political leaders, the heads of business and private associations, and every one of us need to work together to accomplish two things: Radically expand the capacity of the country’s intensive-care units. And start engaging in extreme forms of social distancing. Cancel everything now". (Yascha Mounk) Italian virus cases have increased by 8,000 in just one week. Professional journalists, scientists and doctors are advising to keep the population away from eachother. 

More than 1/4 of Colleges internationally have shut down and transferred to online for 2 weeks. Hearing this information sprouts the question, "what will just shutting down a couple schools do for our health?" Shutting down just a couple of colleges, and no high schools/lower grades while not even thinking about shutting down for 2 weeks is a big risk to our communities health. 

Though the city of Seattle has shut down all schools, including high schools and lower.

Seeing that all these private and community colleges are shutting down, and high school administration isn't taking any actions, we the students need to take action. Today Crystal Lake South High School D155, freshmen-sophomores had to attend a presentation. In that presentation a student asked what actions we will be taking for this virus and the administration said that at this moment they are not thinking about closing down the school due to this virus. Hearing that makes me believe that they do not think this virus is a threat to our communities safety. 


This petition made change with 11 supporters!

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