Amend Us Constitution to Limit Presidential Pardons

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This proposal is to limit the power of presidential pardons for all presidents, regardless of party or affiliation, going forward. The intent is to reduce opportunities for corruption, nepotism, criminal actions, and ensure the rich and powerful are not granted pardons simply because of their position in society.

Proposed Amendment

"The President shall be limited to no more than 100 pardons per term, where a pardon is defined as forgiveness of a single crime, so that the President can pardon one person for ten crimes or ten people for one crime each, or any combination thereof, but no more. These pardons cannot be issued for crimes encouraged by or participated in by the President, or from which the President benefits directly. And no pardons may be issued between the time of the last presidential election and the subsequent inauguration, even if the same President remains in office; except that the President may issue a temporary stay of execution for persons who might be pardoned after the subsequent inauguration. Pardons not used in the first term of  President do not role over to the second term, and this limit applies to the office, not the person--so that any person acting as or replacing the initially elected President is bound by the same total limit on pardons-per-term as the President themselves."

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