US Energy independence

US Energy independence

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Started by Santos Lopez

I want to request the reinstatement of the energy policy before the pandemic. Make the US energy independent Again, and slowly transition to renewable energy options once our economy has stabilized. 

Please minimize importing oil and produce clean US Energy for domestic and international exports.

Please open the Keystone pipeline. This also reduces the Hazzard of Transporting oil And Natural Gas via Rail and truck.

The energy transition should be done slowly. I agree that we need to change to cleaner energy. But change it over time. You will get bipartisan and the support of the voters if it's put on a practical timeline.

As a veteran and immigrant my oath was to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. And when I served my fellow servicemen and women did not see each other as Democrats, Republicans, or any other political party. We looked at each other as Americans. And as a immigrant from the Philippines I remember looking up to the US and was taught the history between the US AND Philippines like the Bataan death match, Fort Drum in the Philippines and General Douglas MacArthur and the meaning and his actions in his famous words “I shall return”, and when I became a US citizen and raised my right hard it was one of  the proudest days of my life.

Again please put the steps in place to make the US Energy Independent again and reunite the American people by giving us the opportunity to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness through route of energy independence.

Thank you

Santos Lopez

Veteran US Navy 

25 have signed. Let’s get to 50!