Demand change at Encino Rio USPS Location

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Dear Postmaster General and Governor, 

Please address the operational and budgetary concerns for the USPS 78259 Encino Ridge Postal location. Citizens can not get their packages without literal 1 to 2 hours wait at "express window" and counter workers are instructed to only service "sales" or people mailing items. So while you can get in and out to MAIL a package on average about 20 minutes to an hour, you cannot pick up your mailbox key or packages or any other requests without standing in line for 1 to 2 hours or sometimes longer!! Most people work and it is unreasonable to expect that amount of time to pick up your mail. 

Many arrive 30 minutes prior to opening at 9 a.m. and still must wait a minimum of 1 hour AFTER opening to get their package or box keys. Some people have even been turned away after waiting two hours and the window just closes leaving those who have been there for 2 hours prior to closing without their items. Further, one individual had to return FIVE times for them to find his package in the back. It is NOT uncommon for staff to send people away as they can't locate packages in the back. 

The 78259 post office is grossly understaffed for a growing metro area with new housing developments expanding. Postal workers at that location are frustrated, as are all the customers.  Complaints to the customer service center for the USPS go unaddressed and quite frankly most of those who file a complaint are treated rudely by supervisory staff at this location and District office.

Budget cuts continue from the government level and staff has already been reduced by one person recently and they are discussing another two people reduction in Workforce.

The below signed individuals are requesting you review the budgetary constraints for the citizens here in Texas in the 78259 zip code and all other postal locations in growing metropolitan areas. Also please address management as this is a system-wide issue with burned-out postal workers offering zero customer service and holding packages hostage.

We are asking for change. We are asking for help. We just want our mail


Fed up residents serviced by Encino Ridge USPS location  78259

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