an amendment in section 375 of Indian penal code

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India has a terrifying past of rape culture, of how it is ignored or how little justice is given to rape victims. 

It is no joke that a rape victim goes through so much pain, agony, and things we couldn't imagine. India, somewhat, to some stage has offered platforms and stages where women are now freely able to speak up against this horrendous, inhumane act. But, what still seems to be lacking, is, MEN. There are several studies in India, one done in 2007, which states that in child abuses, 57.3% of the children were boys and 42.7% girls. 

But India still remains to have legalized a law where it is confirmed that ONLY and ONLY a man is a rapist. Even if a man/boy was to report against rape, even if he was forcefully penetrated, all this would be lodged under physical attack and not RAPE. I have seen instances around me, wherein the men who are innocent have to suffer through a lifetime long jail just because the woman claimed that he raped her, even if there was no such evidence. 

We, Indians, have indeed seen a lot of crime under rape, have stood up for nirbhaya, 4 year olds, and every woman whose case was brought in the eyes of the public. But what we never see is the same pain and agony that men have to go through and they can"t speak up against it because the Indian law, Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code stands, rape is something that only a man can do to a woman. 

It is high time that we, individuals, who have been craving for gender equality, provide it. Rape is a gender neutral act and justice against it, no matter the gender. 

Another problem that resides with this is when men are falsely accused of rape, and they cannot stand for themselves and that if a case of rape is brought up, the woman will be heard first and action will be taken upon that.

Now, i will tell you an instance that happened with one of my relatives. 

I am from a small town. let's assume in this story that the couple are my uncle and aunt (they aren't in real life) and so, in that house, my aunt and uncle, with his family lived. My uncle was mostly out of town because of meetings he had to deal with and so my aunt took that as an advantage, and cheated on him. When he got back home, he found this out somehow, and my aunt called all her relatives and my uncle did the same. She poured gasoline all over herself claiming that she would burn herself if he left her, as it would harm her reputation in the society. And according to the stories I have heard, She accidently thre the lit match on herself and got 3rd degree burns. Before she left us all, she claimed to the police that her husband raped her, and his family beat her up, after all of this was lodged, the family including my uncle were put in jail for a lifetime. None of us could take an action because the Indian law prevents us from saving MEN from being falsely accused or even from being raped. 

we can achieve equality and gender neutralisation if all of us were to act against this. Thank you, Jai Hind.